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New Zealand currently has the highest rate of youth suicide and one of the highest rates of bullying in comparison to most other OECD countries. It is proven that bullying leads to multiple social, educational and mental health issues often triggering depression and anxiety. The Anti- bullying theme is our flagship programme however we also present and address other important topics our youth face such as Drugs and Alcohol use or pornography related issues if a school requests.



Our preferred performance forum is a school assembly or lunchtime. This would require the use of your school hall with power supply. We can present a 30 or 45min program. If it is preferable to you, we are happy to present a classroom approach, which would be suited to English, Arts and Drama or P.E. Our teams bring all of their own sound and music gear..


Presentation Teams

The performers, communicators and technical teams who make up the Revolution Tour are very skilled in their area of expertise and many have studied or have degrees their chosen field. We continually seek to upskill our team and require team members go through government training programmes, leadership mentoring and basic youth worker workshop training. Our teams are motivated by the vision to see positive transformation in the lives of young New Zealanders especially through the very challenging years of adolescence. Our teams are exceptional in communication, dance, vocals and music.


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