Our Purpose

Our purpose is to change the world: one person at a time.

We’re here to equip and empower young people to face life situations and show them there is always hope - no matter their past or present circumstances.


The state of the nation

Our Youth are in Crisis

11.8% of 15-24 year olds in New Zealand are struggling with mental health, compared to 8.8% in 2016.

The state of the nation

  • The estimated number of young people experiencing psychological distress has increased from 58,000 to 79,000
  • One in 10 young kiwis seeking mental health support will wait 2 months or more to see a professional
  • New Zealand has the highest youth suicide rate in the OECD
  • The 15.6 youth suicides (15-19 year olds) per 100,000 people is twice the rate of the US and 5 times the rate of the UK.
  • On average, 2 children or teenagers take their lives every week.


The state of the nation

  • Over 2800 intentional self-harm hospitalisations last year were youth.
  • Children living in poverty are 3 times more likely to experience mental health problems
  • Up to a third of youth are engaging in hazardous drinking.
  • In the June 2016 - 2017 year, 51 youth aged 10 - 19 committed suicide.
  • In the June 2016 - 2017 year, 79 young adults aged 20 - 24 committed suicide.
  • Pacific youth are 3 times more likely to commit suicide than their Pakeha peers.

We want to change the story

We cannot stand on the sidelines. We are driven to act.

The Revolution Tour teaches a message of resilience, hope, and anti-bullying that complements school programmes. The Revolution Tour exists to serve students and teachers to bring hope and remind students that they have people who can support them and people they can talk to.

Our job is not done until every young person knows that there is hope and that they have a better future.