Our Story

Revolution Tour began with a group of Aucklanders who were moved by the challenges facing New Zealand youth. With many of them having faced issues such as depression and bullying themselves, they wanted to bring hope to the next generation of Kiwis. A school teacher in the group recommended a school programme, and using their skills in music, dance and speaking, they created a lunchtime programme to entertain and educate Kiwi youth about life skills, perseverance and bring hope and joy into schools. The Revolution Tour was born.

We started with just a lunchtime programme in two small schools in Tokoroa. The message was so well received we quickly expanded to schools in other towns and soon into the major cities of New Zealand. As our team grew we were able to reach more schools across the country. Teams were sent out for an intensive two-week tour across all of New Zealand. Responses began to pour in - young people saying they had found hope and strength to carry on and teachers who were reminded of the difference they are making every day.


A few years on, Reggie Dabbs, one of the most requested youth speakers in the United States, joined the team. For the past 10 years he has flown to New Zealand for every tour, armed with a soprano saxophone, an amazing sense of humour and a powerful message. He inspires millions of youth across the globe every year, but continues to remind our team that every single individual is important.

As the Revolution Tour has grown, we’ve expanded to lunchtime and full school assembly programmes in intermediate and high schools in New Zealand, the UK and the USA. We will continue to share our message until every young person knows hope.