Clare Roberts,
Magnacarta School, Surry, London

The Revolution Tour were fabulous. A ‘tour de ‘force of relevant energy , hip hop and pop. They are ‘gritty’ and ‘real’ in their messages and full of love for life and humanity. The students were screaming with delight and moved to tears. Book them . Now.

Jody Grasby,
Arts and Drama Teacher, Aorere College

The Revolution Tour has performed numerous times at my school. Their performances allow students the opportunity to express themselves and stand up in a positive way in front of their peers. Their messages are always empowering, relevant and appropriate to all students. I would recommend the Revolution Tour to any school or training institution looking to change culture.


Student Story

To The Revolution Tour: U came to my school this morning and I was late, I turned up towards the end but even the little bit of the speech I heard was enough to help me push through my day. Currently I am homeless staying with my mum at a friend’s but it helps to hear how minor my problems are and how much people actually do care.

Student Story

Hey, I’m at Columba and saw your performance. I just wanted to say something about Esther’s speech at the end. It made me cry bc it pretty much explained my life, and her words just made me feel better about myself, they made me feel like I belong, and made me realise how lucky I am. I thought I had a hard life, but from what she said, I don’t really. But her words were very inspiring, Thats all I have to say.