Since 2006, the Revolution Tour has successfully engaged with hundreds of thousands of young New Zealanders.

Key Speakers


reggie Dabbs

Reggie is known for his trademark statement; "You can't change your past but you can change your future." He shares of his difficult past and his inspirational story helps teenagers meet life's challenges head on to overcome them. Reggie Dabbs is one of the most in-demand youth speakers around the globe, speaking to more than two million high school kids a year.


esther greenwood

With a voice that fills auditoriums and a heart just as big, it's no surprise that Esther is one of the top youth communicators here in New Zealand and abroad. Drawing from her own personal story, Esther delivers a message filled with hope and resilience, often sharing about decisions she made during hard times and how they have got her to where she is now. Esther's story has spoken to thousands of young people, many of whom have been impacted and are now making great life decisions. 'The choices you make in life, make your life.'

Paula Fakalata

A phenomenal communicator with a background of working in correctional facilities and alternative education, Paula has been able to craft and deliver messages of hope in the most creative, powerful and humorous way for many years. His passion to see young people become the best that they can be in and amongst adversity is what makes Paula a great communicator and leader.

Ben Greenwood

Ben’s dream to see young people rise up to their full potential is what makes him an exceptional communicator both nationally and internationally. He has been able to encourage young people in the most charismatic, exciting and fun way with stories of his own life experiences which enables young people to relate and know that they have all the help they need in order to champion their dream.